The Christian home is the place where children receive the first proclamation of the faith.
For this reason the family home is rightly called "the domestic church,"
a community of grace and prayer, a school of human virtues and of Christian charity.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church



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These links will help explain what
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The joy of the large family...
For the many who ask why we have a large family and whether we're "done," these links are for you.

Yep, we take seriously the teachings of the Catholic Church. Sometimes hard. Always rewarding.

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How can there be too many children?
That is like saying there are too many flowers.
— Mother Teresa


Resources for making your home a domestic church
Living the Catholic Faith beyond Sunday...

Domestic Church
Ordinary Time
Liturgical Year Resources for Families
A Continual Feast
Advent, Christmas & Epiphany in the Domestic Church
Lent & Easter in the Domestic Church
Religious Customs in the Family
The Catholic Home


If you're considering Catholicism...
These are some great places to start:
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If you're interested in learning more about Catholic homeschooling...
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Some of the information linked above has been stated in a simple manner for the purpose of concise communication.
For those who have the time and energy to delve deeper, detailed documents of theology and faith are readily available.
Good places to start are the Vatican website and the writings of the Early Church Fathers.


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