This page provides a glimpse into the arrangement of our homeschooling days.
Not all days proceed perfectly according to plan, but at least the plan exists for a little accountability.

UPDATED FOR 2008-2009 Academic Year!

What our kids are studying

Anna Marie - 7th gr

Kathleen - 5th gr

William - Grade 1B

Andrew - K4

Therese - Toddler Fun


Assignment Sheets
Our two oldest are accountable for checking off their own assignments on a daily basis.
I update the assignment sheets for the new week each Sunday. I have posted assignment sheets here in the past, but this year we are going to using assignment sheets created through Homeschool Tracker Plus software.

This is the schedule to which we roughly adhere on a good day



2006-2007 Schedule

Current chore lists




2007-2008 Chore Chart

Favorite curriculum.
We don't use all of this all the time, but this is a sampling of some of our favorites, past and present.

Favorite Curriculum
Through the Years

Book Lists
Compiled as a support our homeschooling curriculum and our free-reading choices

Literature & Poetry Lists

Book Series Lists

Seasonal Books
(list in progress)

Homefront Newsletter

Summer 2004

December 2003 - p.1
December 2003 - p.2

September 2003

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