Art Curricula & Books

Draw Squad - 3D Drawing Video Series

Mark Kistler drawing instruction.

Mark Kistler's Imagination Station

More Mark Kistler drawing instruction.

Meet The Masters Art Education Program

Art program based on imitating the masters.

Gordon School of Art

Art instruction: drawing & painting.


Elementary art education

How Great Thou Art

Christian drawing and painting lessons.

Canvas Art Page

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Art Adventures at Home

Art program tailored to homeschoolers.

Artists/Art History/Museums

Meet Matisse


Art Museum Network

Mesopotamian Art: 3,500 - 331BC

Egyptian Art & Archeaology: 3200-1070 BC

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Elvehjem Museum

Art History Theme Page


Crayola Creativity Central

Preschool Paper Crafts

HP Printable Art Project Crafts

Idea Box

Early Childhood Art Lessons

Michael's Arts & Crafts Store

Art Supplies & Resources

Utrecht Online Art Store

ArtSeek - Internet Art Resources

Michael's Arts & Crafts Store

Catholic Rubber Stamps

Artistic Projects

Draw and Color with Uncle Fred


Home School Arts

Drawing Just for Fun

Draw and Color with Uncle Fred

Cartoon Critters





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