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Toddler Ideas for Schooltime

Sticker books

Cups/bowls/spoons/cheerios in tray for measuring/pouring/spilling/cleaning

Pattern blocks/teddy bear counters

Stacking cups


Art Cart (including pictures from magazines for gluing)

Fill dish pan with rice, measuring cups, plastic animals
& other small things for burying/discovering. (Just vacuum up the mess.)

Crayola Color Wonder books with special markers

My First Leap Pad

Coloring books

Toddler puzzles

File folder activities

Shape matching activities

Color matching activities

Letter matching activities

Pegboard stacking/sequencing toy

Books on tape with turn-the-page-sounds

Dress-up box

Lacing toys

Laundry baskets for use as make-believe ships or cages

Metal cookie sheets as backdrop for magnetic letters/numbers

In nice weather, take school outside and let toddlers paint house/driveway w/ water

Boats and floating toys in buckets of water (good for outdoor school days)